Emily Newman

February 1 - 28

Opening reception
February 1 from 7 - 10pm

The works in this show are all based upon the intimate observation of objects in space. Some are related to my experiences in missed perceptions; having my mind trick my eyes into seeing something which is not. Other works stem from the desire to see how objects truthfully exist in three dimensions. And still others are purely a closer look into the wonderful world of objects in space and light.

All of the pieces are made with the intent to explore how I see between two dimensional and three dimensional space, between the image and the object, and whether or not this is one of the same. I choose to make every part of my work so that none has a physical history in the world. Yet, each remains representational of the original subject matter in order to invoke psychological memories of its use and meaning. No longer able to be touched, used or relate to its original environment, an object in art seems questionable to remain an object at all. In my art making practice I’m interested in finding where the object stops and the image begins.

Specifically about Photography:

The very nature of taking a photograph creates an image I desire to see as truth, but instead the object of a photograph itself is a skewed record of perception. The mistakes both the camera and I make in seeing repeat themselves as mistakes in technique. Although I shoot and print photographs in digital format, I choose to let each photograph remain unedited, calling attention to both my amateurism and the faults of the tools and materials themselves. I embrace my own imperfections as a more honest approach to experiencing my reality.

333 East Grand Avenue, #104
Des Moines, Iowa